Weltevreden Park – Roodepoort based Ballet School

 Junior Ballet Centre – enrollment from 3 years to Grade 5 RAD Examinations.

At the Sue Emery Junior Ballet Centre, our aim is to provide every child with quality training in the Royal Academy of Dance international method, in a nurturing and happy environment designed to develop musicality, co-ordination, creativity and a healthy, positive self esteem.

Sue has an excellent track record when it comes to Royal Academy of Dance examinations and Roodepoort Dance Festival results with her students not only having an incredible amount of fun and building confidence, but also receiving numerous awards. Sue specialises in creating a space where children are encouraged to develop a love of dance whatever their abilities.

Sue’s yearly concerts allow the students to develop their stage skills and their creativity within the scope of classical ballet. Every year the ballet students of every age wow their parents in this concert designed to give them the full experience with beautiful costumes, lighting and music.


“I was a professional ballerina myself and I do not have enough good to say about Sue’s school. My 8 year old daughter is completely in love with classical ballet and I credit that to Sue. She is kind, but firm and creates an environment where students learn the discipline of classical ballet, but also a great love of dance and music in general.”

Briony B


Exceptional ballet studio with the most professional teachers. Thank you Sue for helping Chanell to reach her full potential with you, always being so supportive and caring, helping her to develop into a young lady and passionate ballerina. For sure not just another teacher but a role model for life. Sue Emery Junior Ballet Centre is the building block to a great future in ballet!

Isabel B