Royal Academy Training

The Sue Emery Junior Ballet Centre is a Royal Academy of Dance registered Ballet School.

The correct training of young children is our major concern and parents should take great care to send their child to professional and qualified teachers. Our varying levels of syllabi have been devised with great care, progressing a child in stages, demanding no more of a young body than it can cope with. Not only is the syllabus great fun, it also helps develop co-ordination, fitness and a sense of rhythm, musicality and expression. Furthermore it promotes self-discipline and boosts confidence.

Teachers following the RAD system encourage students to achieve their personal best and parents can be confident that their child is receiving a comprehensive, well structured and relevant education in Classical Ballet. Students are taught according to safe teaching principles and are evaluated through progressively structured examinations.

We recognise that the safety of the child is paramount, and that good teaching will bring benefits. Therefore only teachers who hold Registered Teacher status may enter candidates for Examinations, Presentation Classes or Class Awards.

We ensure excellence by asking teachers to uphold our Code of Conduct and Professional Practice.